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The Meaning of Storytelling

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michael molenaar, tilburg,holland:  

Some days ago there was a discussion about the difference between OST and other large scale intervention methods (what are we doing anyway by labeling it with the term "large scale"?). It seems to me, that the discussions on this OST forum gives me more than "just discussions". maybe it gives a clue what is meant by "storytelling". Anyway, what I am really interested in, is: why doing the story telling. I know it is a hobby of Harrison and I think I could spend a lot of evenings listening to him telling stories, but in my opinion it's not that only. Maybe it has to do with language, because the word "stories" in Dutch means nothing special; it can also mean "gossip" or thing like that. Birgitt makes a strong point that storytelling is very necessary, so even prescribed, when you do OST on something that has to be done in the future. What I have understood, storytelling is basic in those cases to "get your feet first on the ground" (these are my own words). So I think that with "Story Telling" is meant the stories you are likely to tell around the campfire. Then, to me, it's something more than just stories, because there is fire and there are stars above us which remind us how big and small we are at the same time. So at the campfire there is a communication at another level then just "stories". Can some of you give me some experiencies of story telling? Does it go wrong when the client doesn't want to do story telling? Has someone ever refused to do an OST because of the absense of storytelling? Any ideas what is happening on communication levels when story telling takes place? Greetings, especially for Birgitt now on her tour trying to become an American citizen. (does George Bush know she is coming?)  

ralph copleman, new jersey, usa:  

I've lost count of how many successful open space events I've attended and facilitated. And I've no idea how many times my clients have told stories (gossip-related and otherwise) during programs I've facilitated for them. But I have never consciously put the two together. Linking the two is a good idea, it would seem, but certainly not required for a successful outcome.  

nino novak, germany:  

for me human actions always happen in two spheres. The "real" one, call it objective or "territory" or grounded or anything like that - and the "spiritual" one, which may be called the subjective or the "map". Now, story telling is the act to join these two spheres. To fit action and interpretation. To learn about what is just going on to happen. To make things discussible. Therefore, story telling for me is the introduction of the meta level: It enables us to create ideas about what is happening. To create maps. (But please use this view with care - for I'm rather a story listener than a story teller ;

glory ressler, ontario, canada:  

Oh Nino! Thank you so much... I hear myself articulated so beautifully and simply by you. Yes - I consider storytelling 'the golden bridge' and, like you, consider myself more of a story listener and evoker than a teller. This is the descent phase of the hero's journey, I think, and the one that we're neither comfortable nor skilled traversing yet. The subjective map makers need the objective action-oriented ground travelers... Many happy wishes to you!  

harris on owen, maryland, usa:  

For me -- Story telling is not an idle pursuit. It is also diametrically opposed to Telling The Truth -- as in giving all the facts. Good stories are beyond facts, and beyond truth -- They create the context in which we can perceive both (facts and truth). so if there is a common story about "the way things are around here" (proper name is Myth) to the effect that it is all sh... That creates the context in which "we" hear whatever is said. So -- The CEO says -- "This is a great place" -- and we "hear" just the opposite. Because The Story is... I rather suspect that OS is "just" story telling. It is sometimes helpful to have a designated "story-telling time" but it will happen anyhow.  



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