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OST and Meditation

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glory ressler, ontario canada:  

on invisibility and meditation.. .I've appreciated our recent conversation. This notion of invisibility is sometimes perplexing to me... For example, we just facilitated our second OST meeting for two recently amalgamated mental health agency branches of a national organization.  

In meeting one, the amalgamation was imminent, the tension was palpable, and the theme was 'issues and opportunities around amalgamation'. We did receive a couple of 'why did we need the facilitator?' comments. This past week we facilitated a second meeting for them on 'developing the vision of '. The difference was remarkable! We had one attempted space invader (a mid-level manager who was previously an Executive Director of one of the branches!) which I handled swiftly and succinctly. The meeting was very productive, the mood much improved, and their ability and willingness to self-organize much smoother (less 'what do I do now?' questions). Again, we received three - 'wanted more from facilitator/we could have done it ourselves' comments. One participant knew intuitively that my work was to hold the space and commented to that effect. OST definitely works under a variety of conditions!!  

During the meeting I felt centered and present. Afterwards, these comments have had a mildly haunting effect upon me. I guess my question is: Is there ever a time when 'facilitator not needed' means more than the appropriate 'fully present and fully invisible'?  

BTW, in our summary to the org we suggested training staff so that they can conduct their own OST meetings in the future.  

My favourite meditation has to do with arranging the circles of chairs - in the main and breakout rooms. Lift, place, adjust, bless the participant... Lift, place, adjust, bless the participant... (The maintenance staff love us for it - even if we only help a bit....).  

Hope all of our American friends had a meaningful and heart-filled Thanksgiving!  

harris on owen, maryland, usa:  

re: arranging the chairs... Right on! Glory. And to add to that, I find it very useful to arrive in The Space early on, before anybody gets there -- and just sit in the middle in silence. I do get some strange looks from the hotel staff -- even caused the appearance of Security Folks. But it works for me. If I am working with a small group of "sponsors" I ask them to join me, and they usually do. Seems to get everybody centered, and then we move off to write signs, tear tape, shift chairs etc. -- all of which then seems more like a "collective walking meditation." No need to weird them out with explanations of the esoteric aspects of Open Space unless they ask -- which they do more often than not.  

glory ressler, ontario canada:  

Harrison and all, My associate Lynne and I both do the same... In fact, she usually beats me to the chairs! We also have a thing about making the space beautiful... beautiful principles and laws, matrix, etc.. We are also quite aware of how, and how not, we see and approach each person prior to a meeting. Can we find a way to see the beauty in each and to co-create the event together...? It just feels so right!!! We absolutely insist on early access to the room.... sometimes I even pre-walk the space - not a full opening, just a warm-up! Oh, the looks I get - to which I blithely say nothing :-) But then, you know I enjoy being mischievous... Plus, the ensuing questions, as you mentioned, are one of the few times I can indulge my penchant for the esoteric and existential.... I am a moving meditator and you've inspired me to stretch myself with your sitting approach... The 'collective walking meditation' is a beautiful metaphor. Thanks.  

winston kinch, ontario, canada:  

How? These "situations" not surprisingly receive little space here and I suspect they provide good opportunities for learning...  

glory ressler, ontario canada: winston (and other interested parties!),  

Whilst opening the space, I was interrupted with the question, 'Will you be following up on Issues and Opportunities from the last OST meeting?'.  

I moved toward that side of the circle (closer but not too close) and stated, 'Excellent question. No, I will not. You, and the identified champions and supporters from the last meeting, are invited to do so, however. I suggest you hang on until we move into convening topics from the floor and then, if you have the passion bounded by responsibility, do so. About passion and responsibility...' I carried on with the opening.  

The question, I found out later, was also handled in discussion groups where the new ED and Board members committed to better follow-up. Part of our summary report suggested querying the champions and supporters, who self-identified previously, in order to find out what happened with follow-up and move into self-directed teams (which is one of the org goals).  

If others have experiences, do share! I'd be interested in hearing how others have handled such.... Thanks for asking Winston!  

john e ngle, haiti: I answer in a similar way to this frequently asked question.  

harrison owen, maryland, usa:  

During the meeting I felt centered and present. Afterwards, these comments have had a mildly haunting efect upon me. I guess my question is: Is there ever a time when 'facilitator not needed' means more than the appropriate 'fully present and fully invisible'?  

Frankly, I think it is the highest compliment you can receive. 'facilitator not needed' -- that is. The truth is -- you are not needed. the people are already "there" -- they just don't know it. So when they do (know it) say thanks and move on.  

jeff aitken, san francisco, usa:  

Joelle Lyons Everett wrote: My personal favorite practices when preparing for Open Space are mindful walking and making posters.  

A big Ah-mayn to that, Joelle. I'd like to write a collaborative article about the spiritual practice of tearing off dozens of small strips of masking tape and affixing them to the wall in little curly-cues next to the space-and-time matrix of post-its. Breathe, tear, stick, breathe, tear, stick...  

michael m pannwitz, berlin, germany:  

Dear Glory, I have been lifting, centering, arranging chairs in getting ready over and over again. A while back, I had to rush from one OS to the next and had no time to go through this exercise. The chairs were there, everything was in order, still, I felt not quite ready. From your report I fathom this must be one of my ways of meditating and I will attend to it with a new understanding... including the part "bless the participant" greetings from Berlin michael  

PS: I do spend quite some time setting up other details, writing the principles anew for each open space, etc. When colleagues ask me how I get ready for the facilitation mode I tell them about all the detail I tend to usually remarking that this is the field in which I can control, decide, manage and control again till its all out of my system (well, some of it) but I have never seen the chair part as you have described. Thanks!  

joelle lyons everett, washington, usa:  

Glory, Jeff, Michael, Harrison and others-- I'm enjoying hearing how others center themselves for Open Space facilitation. I do find that tending to the physical details helps to bring me into the space and into the present moment. I like Jeff's and Michael's way of ritualizing the details. Thanks, Glory, for reminding me about blessing. When I have a participant list ahead of time, I take time the night before to meditate on it, and send blessings to each participant by name.  

ralph copleman, new jersey, usa:  

OS Diary . . .the location was 900 miles from my home, I hadn't seen the space we'd be using ahead of time. I was as precise as I could be over the telephone and in writing in describing what was required. Nevertheless, when I arrived 45 minutes before I would be saying "Welcome to open space," they showed me into a huge auditorium with tiered flooring and a couple of hundred chairs and tables screwed permanently into the carpeted floor. There was a space about 12 feet wide down front. I said, "Nope" and started re-arranging the building lobby in a more appropriate configuration. (Note to file: didja ever notice how much unintended furniture moving you wind up doing as an OS facilitator??) The circle was kind of oblong, but it all worked out just fine.  

Whatever happens, stay cool.  

joelle lyons everett, washington, usa:  

Ralph -- If you want to know who is in charge, just look to see who is moving furniture!  



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